Day 18: 75 & Sunny

because this is Los Angeles!

but my disposition, not so much. I remain cranky but steadfast in my decision to be conservative about recovery and rehabbing the knee. Day 18 of 21.

Even though the injury is/was relatively minor, exacerbating the situation could lead to serious.  So conservative it is!!

“No sudden directional changes.” hahahaaaaaa. THAT is hilarious. Forget running, try walking through a shopping mall at Christmas time without any “sudden directional changes!

I have become good friends with the stationary bike, and I’ve even got over taking twice as long to finish certain mileage on foot. I’m keeping two training logs, also. One reflecting the actual workouts done and one converting the workout to it’s alleged “running equivalent” according to my recovery/rehab resources. For example, under the plans that I’m using to maintain fitness and endurance while I am not running – with an eye toward still doing the double in January – walking 3 miles supposedly counts as a 1.5 mile “easy” or “recovery” run.  And 60 minutes on the stationary bike at 75-85% effort counts as a 60 minute tempo run.  Yes, I’m a little skeptical. But, you know, I’m going with it. I mean, why not?  At least it changes things up a little and makes me use my brain.

So one record of literal and one record of the (supposed) conversion to running equivalent, mostly for assessment purposes, but also to help me keep things in perspective.

OH!!! and this weekend, I get to go outside! and try alternating running 30 seconds and walking 30 seconds on a flat surface. Ok, really this is supposed to be on a treadmill. But with those intervals, I’d be punching the controls on the treadmill incessantly.  So I’m going outside. This will be my first literal running since Seattle, unless we count when I was at Court and forgot I was injured and wearing a knee brace and tried to sprint down the hall to talk to someone. That went REALLY well.

And really, it’s supposed to be run 5 seconds and walk 55 seconds. But again, this is where I hit the “are you f-ing kidding me?” line.  5 seconds? that’s like, 10 steps.  I mean, it takes more than 5 seconds to start and then stop running.

Ok, so maybe I’ll try run 5 walk 10 or 15 or something, then bump up to 15/15, 30/30 and so on. But run 5/walk 55 seconds? I know me and there is just no way I’ll be able to get up off the couch for that.

The BIG kicker, what I think has me having a hard time accepting and moving on, is that this is not even really a “running” or “sports” injury.  It’s not overuse, or poor form, or any of that.

I wasn’t paying attention and stepped on a damn rock.

I mean seriously.

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