Like a Fine Wine….

I think I’m aging well? I’ll be 30 in 28 days (just long enough to make a new habit! ha!).

And that new habit is responsible decision making!!!

I sold my bib for Carlsbad Marathon to a long beach Maniac.

January 3 was the last day for “legal” transfers — no bandits here! He will, however, be running with a bib that says “!!JENNY!!” across the front.

Looking over the knee-hab history and honestly reflecting on where things are now, I could start and finish the Maniac Double.

I could. But it would absolutely be at the expense of having a good time at the LA Marathon. I think the knee would be fine for that challenge, but it would need more that the seven weeks I have to sufficiently recover for LA.

And we all know LA Marathon is my favorite. If everything was in regular working order, I could totally responsibly complete and enjoy all three.

But all is not in regular working order, so the double will have to wait. I picked this double marathon weekend because the logistics and location were ideal, but I was never particularly passionate about either course. I was excited for the experience of spending the weekend with my friends and trying something crazy. That experience will Grade A Suck if I push my knee too far too soon, and based on the knee-hab experience so far, I don’t think I’d be able to recover to a PR-possible level in time for LA if anything went wrong during the double.

So the responsible choice has been made. But, SD Trail doesn’t do transfers so I’m still registered for that. Who knows, maybe I’ll show up and just DNF. Or finish. Or pick up my shirt and just volunteer for a while.  Who knows! And my friend is still planning to do the Carlsbad Half Marathon, so I signed up to volunteer at the finish line for that one too, a new experience for sure.


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