Since much of the subject matter is related to health and fitness, some statistics:

gender: female

born: feb 1984

height: almost 5’4

weight: 119, most days

body fat percentage: 20%, most days.

I was first introduced to yoga when I was 12, and have been practicing with varying degrees of consistency (extremity?) ever since.

I first tried marathoning in law school, as part of my bar exam prep. As of the start of this blog (Nov 2012), I’ve done three formal marathons and two formal half marathons, with a three and half year gap between the two most recent marathons.

I’m a generally healthy person, my illnesses have been almost exclusively limited to the effects of stress, food poisoning, and the common cold. My stress is mostly related to being a lawyer – I’ve been practicing family law in LA County since 2008.

In short, I’m pretty average in both health and fitness level, but have a higher-than-average-stress level due to my day job.

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