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MMMMM…… tastes like grass

I wouldn’t say I’m  dieting so much as I am logging my food and trying to eat less crap.

Which is fine.

I guess.

I was spending a lot of money eating out (three meals and two snacks a day, for real) and at happy hour, and, historically, it is easier for me to save money in these areas by “dieting” than by “imposing a budget”.

Because that’s just how my brain works?

I am VERY good at dieting. I am not very good at all at imposing budget cut-backs.

There is a lot of tea, and salad, and vegetable juice involved.

Mostly Trader Joe’s convenience foods with high paleo and abs diet compatibility.  Also Naked Kale Blazer and Boosted Green Machine.

More wine, less beer.

Less pizza.

HA. We’ll see how long this lasts!!!

*UPDATE* 4/22/14 1:42 p.m.

I definitely had a blood orange martini at lunch. What? FRUIT JUICE and DRINK SPECIAL. The “diet” criteria were met!

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NO. bite me.

I did not run this morning.

Because I didn’t want to. I wasn’t in the mood. I was tired, and my legs were feeling heavy just laying (lying?) in bed.

It’s the first Tuesday in a while that I have not done a morning run; I’ve been substantially complying with my current training plan for several weeks now.

So I didn’t run this morning. I might run later, I might not.

In other news, I have 10 toenails for the first time in almost a year!

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….[crickets chirping]…………….

It’s 6:30 a.m. I’m up and dressed for running, but…….

I’m not going to group run 😦

I’m bummed because this means my next group run will not be until november 24.

I’m also having difficulty enforcing the principle that recovery time is important.

Group run is supposed to be 14 miles this week. I’m only at about 11 miles for the week so far, which seems low, but then I have to have a little chat with myself about having just done a full followed by a half and still technically being in a recovery phase. My left knee has been clicking a little, a situation that comes up when the weather changes to the cold-humid we have for “fall” and “winter” down here by the beach in SoCal.

And frankly, I’m just not mentally in the mood for a run that long right now.  I’m pretty squarely in the 3-8 mile mindset right now.  Beyond that, I don’t have to run a long run this week. I think should really do an 8-10, but I don’t have to. It’s not required by any aspect of my training or racing calendar.  To ramp back up to seattle marathon, I have a half Nov. 9 and a Ragnar Nov. 15.  And as was established with Portland and Long Beach I’ve developed a pretty solid running base.  I also don’t need to prove to myself that I can run 14 miles. I’m totally confident that I can run 14 miles comfortably at my pace group’s pace, i’ve done it lots of times. In fact, I just did the first 15 miles of portland just under pace group pace, and Long Beach at pace group pace.

I just REALLY don’t want to right now.

There are many 14+ mile days in my immediate future, it’s totally ok if today is not one of those days.

So now I’m sitting on the couch waiting for the sun to start coming out– weather.com says that’ll be 7:09 — so I can go do 5-7 miles on the trail in Manhattan Beach.  Maybe follow up with some netflix/treadmilling after to tack on some of the extra group run mileage.

But this morning I’ve decided that it is more important to get back outside running than to have the higher mileage. Treadmills and ellipticals are great, but they are not the same. I do best when I have the full rotation.  It’s time to start bringing back more road/trail miles.

HA! I say that like it’s been ages… the reality is Portland was only 3 weeks ago, and long beach two weeks ago.  I’ve really only been in recovery for two weeks. It is actually totally appropriate to just now be getting back to the 5-7 mile long run range.

See? The conversations I have in my head? ok, sun’s coming out… i think. time to go!

UPDATE!!! (12:57 p.m.)

after all of that, I got overwhelmed deciding between which trail to run on, so I went to coffee bean to decide, and coffee bean is next to my gym, so I decided to just go to the gym to do 6-7 miles. That turned into 20 miles….you know how sometimes you turn on netflix and wind up on the couch longer than you planned? replace couch with treadmill, and that was my morning.  funny how all that worked out.

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RIP JayBird Bluetooth Headphones!!!

Yep, apparently I’m a headphone serial killer.

Meh, here’s the secret… I wasn’t the hugest fan of these headphones anyway. At least, not as a marathoner. The battery doesn’t last long enough for my pre-during-and-post-race preferences, and the bluetooth connection drains my phone battery, too.

But recently I had come around to using them at the gym for shorter workouts. I got really used to not having to worry about where the chords were. And then, the left earbud went out.

I bought these in January, but only used them, maybe, 15 or so times for a total of 15-18 hours of actual usage — to make a generous estimate. Not a great shelf life for a product meant to withstand heavy sweat and athletic activity, and priced at over $100.  To compare, my Bose SEi earbuds made it about 350 miles, plus some significant bike and travel time, all within 88 days, so some pretty heavy usage, before spontaneously crapping out just within Target’s 90 day return window. But hey, Bose is Bose for a reason.

But also hey! Best Buy is Best Buy for a reason, too, eh? In January they price matched Amazon, so I paid less than sticker price and spent the $15 I saved on the extended warranty.  So six months later, and without a receipt, I was able to return the dead earbuds for an even exchange or store credit. And it gets better!

I had the freedom sprint 3s, which are discontinued to make way for the recently released freedom sprint 4s! And again, Amazon had them new, in stock, for 20% less than Best Buy! So again, Best Buy price matched, and for an out of pocket cost of $5.62 I got the dead headphones replaced with an upgrade and another extended warranty.  Oh, America!

So here’s hoping version 4 lasts longer than version 3, or atleast until version 5 comes out so I can trade up without incurring actual out of pocket costs 😛

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Calf Updates!

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness of my Massage Therapist, because, I mean, I try not to curse too much on here, but f— ok — DAMN, WOMAN.

In the midst of last week’s SD postmortems, my massage place called and said Massage Therapist wanted to let me know that if I wanted my usual 90 instead of the 60 on Friday (which the front desk had told me was her only availability between SD and SF) she could rearrange her lunch break. Because she is awesome, of course.

So Friday night, the least relaxing but possibly most productive massage session I have had in recent memory. We got deep into the calf muscles — all of them — and after a follow up epsom soak and Saturday off completely, I went ahead with the Valley Crest Trail Half.

For Valley Crest, I taped the left calf, wore the green compression sleeves, and ran in the new orange trail shoes.  I am pleased to report that I had no calf issues of significance, only the normal I just did 13 miles with 1700 ft elevation gain kind.  To be fair, I was fun-running it, just going by feel and not pushing anything, but under the circumstances, I think it was appropriate to be conservative.

Afterwards, I felt like I could have gone longer or run again in the afternoon, also a good sign.  So Monday I took the new treadmill shoes over to the gym.  Normally I would do 7-8 miles on Monday, but again, to be conservative, I split the run and did 4 miles Monday night and 3 miles Tuesday morning.  Again, no calf issues.  Normal muscle fatigue, but no issues of significance.

Given the indisputable effects of Friday’s session, I called my massage place to see if, by chance, Massage Therapist had any cancellations for her Tuesday or Wednesday. She did not, but a woman she has recommended to me as a back up had an hour opening.  So 60 minutes with, we’ll call her B,  45 of which were deep muscle sports massage on the calves and hamstrings.  Again, DAMN WOMAN.  And I don’t use that phrase lightly when it comes to massage. I am a deep tissue girl with a wide variety of massage treated issues. When I say damn, I mean damn in the are you drilling my tooth without a numbing agent kind of way.

Shit has been cleared out. The legs have been equalized and neutralized. I am now taping both calves on days with lots of walking, as a precaution. Fourish road miles early Thursday morning, and then nothing (ok, maybe some yoga) until Sunday.

And then, if things go as I hope, I know two ladies who will be receiving some kind of awesome gift cards, because, really, without them, my calves would not be what they are today.

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RIP Bose SEi Earbuds :(

This morning’s 7 mile run was to be Part 1 of an Epic Double (more on that later). Sadly, the run was cancelled at mile 0.05 due to the sudden death of my beloved Bose Sport SEi Earbuds.

These earbuds were so freaking comfy, and excellent sound quality. A very nice green color (also available in orange), they came with three sizes of earbud cover and an adaptable, adjustable length cord with a small removable clip. Short was perfect for the iPhone in an armband, and long was perfect for the iPad on a treadmill.

What happened? They were fine Tuesday evening, but this morning they were static-y and the volume up button on the headphones would not work. Volume down was fine, and pause was sporadic.

After some troubleshooting I accepted that I would need to replace them and headed home while there was still time to stop at Target on the way to work. And then, a thought! Had it been less than 90 days?

I found the receipt, and yes, it had been only 88 days since I purchased the headphones! From Target, instead of Best Buy, thank goodness… Target’s hours and location are just way more convenient for me.

So done and done, the exchange has been made and everything is order for Part 2 of the Epic Double, which, really, will now just be a mid-length tempo since Part 1 didn’t happen. But such is life!

Oh, and to be clear, none of this should be taken to mean that the headphones, admittedly a little pricey ($149), were of substandard quality. NO, not at all. I checked my logs, and those headphones were with me without any problems whatsoever for just under 350 miles, which is a longer life span than most of my shoes, and certainly more satisfactory use than I got from my jaybird bluetooth headphones.

I did spring for the $17 two year insurance/warranty plan this time, though, just in case…

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listening to phantom of the opera while running on a trail at night is fucking creepy.

but effective!

The funk, be gone.  There was quite a bit of running in the 24 hours from 8:30 p.m. Wednesday until 8:30 p.m. Thursday. Phantom of the Opera (Original London Cast) and a Treadmill were apparently the solution.

Act I, surprisingly, is fantastic for speed work.  Work was rough this week, particularly Wednesday, so I went to the gym around 8:30 prepared to run slowish on the treadmill for an hour or two while watching Dr. Who (season 5, I think, I’m quite behind as I never watch the last available season because I can’t deal with a world where I have no unseen episodes) but the wifi wasn’t strong enough.

So, ok, I think, I just downloaded Phantom on iTunes (prompted by the success I had with Rent during the OC Marathon which I swear one day I will recap), what the heck let’s see how things go with Phantom of the Opera.

Things went very quickly. Turned into 5 miles of speed intervals. Very enjoyable speed intervals.

So I woke up the next morning and went back before work to do it again. 3+ more miles of speed intervals.

And it was supposed to be a 13 mile day, so after work I went to the trail for 10ish more miles, just to keep things on track for getting out of the Monday/Tuesday funk.  Phantom again, to see if I could get through Act 1. By the end of the 10, I was sufficiently fatigued, a little under pace for the last few miles, but not quite through the whole show, so Phantom may also be a good half marathon soundtrack.

But about mile 8, the sun went down, and, yeah, phantom of the opera while running on a trail at night is fucking creepy.

Also, there has been shoe shopping, but more on that another day.  Think new shoes in new colors for summer races 😀

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