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MMMMM…… tastes like grass

I wouldn’t say I’m  dieting so much as I am logging my food and trying to eat less crap.

Which is fine.

I guess.

I was spending a lot of money eating out (three meals and two snacks a day, for real) and at happy hour, and, historically, it is easier for me to save money in these areas by “dieting” than by “imposing a budget”.

Because that’s just how my brain works?

I am VERY good at dieting. I am not very good at all at imposing budget cut-backs.

There is a lot of tea, and salad, and vegetable juice involved.

Mostly Trader Joe’s convenience foods with high paleo and abs diet compatibility.  Also Naked Kale Blazer and Boosted Green Machine.

More wine, less beer.

Less pizza.

HA. We’ll see how long this lasts!!!

*UPDATE* 4/22/14 1:42 p.m.

I definitely had a blood orange martini at lunch. What? FRUIT JUICE and DRINK SPECIAL. The “diet” criteria were met!

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…And we’re back!

Vacation is over.

The holidays are over.

The first “week” (only three days, really. really? feels like 12) back to work is nearly over.

oh my……… did we ever have a staycation!!

December 21 through January 2, that’s what, 9 days? thereabouts.

It was wonderful, but possibly deadly.

Here’s a snapshot of my December:

Ran 152.86 miles, 21 runs, averaging 7.2 miles.

8 of those runs were 8 + miles: 8.0, 9.3, 12.3, 18.2, 14.5, 14.6, 8.2, 12.5.

During the actual staycation, I ran a total of 61.2 miles, attended 7 advanced yoga classes, 1 level one, and one restorative. Heavenly.

There were 6 holiday parties, I completed one season each of three television shows, finished three books and one audiobook, started a fourth book and second audiobook, saw one movie in the theater and 4 movies at home. On December 23 I spent from 10:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. marathon shopping with my mother-in-law, including stops at five different grocery stores. On December 26, I again marathon shopped with the in-law making exchanges from 1:30-6:30 p.m.

Now, as my beloved Barney Stinson would say, wait for it.

I also gained 5 pounds. 

Five pounds and 2.0% body fat. Despite all the running and yoga and relaxation/recovery and general being-on-my-feet-moving-ness. I went from my usual (pms-free) 119.whatever to this morning’s (pms-free) 124.whatever. From the usual 20.whatever% to 22.whatever%. (because pms, I’m always up two pounds, about 121).

I told spouse I was feeling fat!!!!

Of course there are a variety of factors that could be the culprit, but based on a review of my historical data (and I do love to log my statistics) I blame the beer, eggnog, lasagna, macaroni/bacon/potato caserole, french toast, croissants, champagne, limeade, eggnog lattes, rice-crispies treats, whiskey, rum, red vines, AMC popcorn, french bread, pizza, cookies, and pie.

Oh yes, it was a grand staycation. So this weekend we ween, and Monday it’s back to bulletproof coffees and my personalized brand of modified paleo. Time and again,  nutrition and hydration trump calorie burn for weight and health maintenance.

in other news…

I tripped!! Hardcore on January 1.  Walking from BFF’s house to the beach with some people in one of the new pairs of shoes (toms flats btw), I totally ate it on Washington Blvd. Even tore a hole in the knee of my jeans! I am indisputably a klutz, I just usually don’t actually hit the ground.  Oh and I thought things were fine, but when I got home we discovered blood. Now, four days later the bruises are deep and my kness are still a little stiff. Yayers!! Always the left knee that gets the worst of it too, I need to learn to fall to the right — even things out a bit.

“Inaugural New Year’s Race 1/2 Marathon” is this Saturday night, I had hoped to start the year with a solid PR based on the first quarter of LA Marathon Training. But, alas. Between the injury and the staycation after-effects I think this will have to be just another fun run. Because how can running downtown at night, including inside dodger stadium and around the field not be fun?!?!?!!!! so excited, pacing plan is to save energy for running the field strong. My outfit is very neon and hilarious. I am very excited.

back to what i’m sure some of you are thinking….

Five pounds, that’s nothing!! Wrong. At 119, 5 pounds is about 4% of my body weight. Not the end of the world, but enough to notice a difference in performance and appearance. Enough difference to cause physical discomfort and to affect the ability to achieve alignment in some yoga poses, and enough to make a notable difference in stress to the joints when running. Also, enough to indicate that a return to active maintenance is in order.

And before you go there, I realize that the bf% numbers mean only about half the weight gain was fat, the rest was likely muscle. Also, for curious minds, I know my bf% because I have a bf% scale, which is regularly calibrated and which I have been using to collect data for nearly four years. I have also intermittently had my body fat measured professionally using varying methods to compare and find a realistic expectation of the accuracy of my own scale.  Like many type A fitness-as-a-hobby people, I am a data whore.

So there you have it– 2013’s New Year’s Resolution is Mindfulness and Maintenance.

Welcome back, Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!!

I noticed from the wordpress stats tool that more people (not tons, but some) than the three friends I told about this blog have been visiting. So thank you for that!

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